Twitch-integrated mobile gaming


Fiero was a mobile game prototype we developed over four months working with Verizon’s Open Innovation Labs. Our pitch was to develop a mobile Hack-and-Slash game that is streamed to an audience who can affect the game’s progress using basic chat commands prefixed with a hashtag. Viewers are informed by a floating UI about their choices and the commands to trigger them. They can vote on upcoming enemies, weapons and loot, and even the kind of music that plays during the game.


As the lead artist and on the project I was responsible for all the 3D art assets and animations that went into the game as well as working on all the particle effects and writing some basic shaders. I also helped establish the global look and feel and inform the UI style as well. I doubled as sound designer for the project and really enjoyed creating futuristic sound effects for the different weapons and events as well as composing a number of different tracks for the background music.


The game was a prototype with one fixed level in a futuristic neon world, and to work with our lead game designer, I worked with our Unity developer to create a simple and flexible level designing tool involving basic building blocks of the landscape along with the ability to place triggers, spawn zones and game items.