The Museum of Broken Relationships Pittsburgh


The Museum of Broken Relationships was a 6 month project for a traveling museum that has had pop up exhibits all over the world. Our team of five were in charge of the design and construction of the entire Pittsburgh exhibit including the museum infrastructure, curating the stories and making two flagship interactives, the likes of which the museum has never had before. To learn more about our process, visit the project website here: Project Ex


As artist and sound designer on the team, I helped establish the factory-themed aesthetic of the exhibit and worked on the art for both interactives:

  1. A 3×3 grid of iPads set in a fabricated window frame to simulate the experience of fogging up the screens with your breath and writing something.
  2. A typewriter where you can type out a personal story and print it out, but the content is fed into a wordcloud of all the collective words where their size reflect their frequency.

On speaking with the founders of the museum, we came to know that traditionally, they never used music in the exhibits. As sound designer, I worked with them to create a neutral soundscape of filtered white and pink noises that augmented the atmosphere of the exhibit but did not dictate the visitor’s experience as the client had feared.