Tennessee State Museum

I designed the interfaces for all interactive experiences at theTennessee State Museum. This included UX testing and iteration, navigation, accurate presentation of media and text content and designing features that are ADA-compliant in terms of visibility, readability and accessibility.


Tennessee Transforms: A 360 table interactive

This is a HD table interactive on the map of Tennessee where stories about people, events and places pop up ranging from 1945 to present day.

Civil War: No County Untouched

The brother of the 360 table, this is another table experience describing the different Civil War battles that shaped modern Tennessee. The popups in every county include artifacts, battle statistics, maps and movements.

Broken Treaties

A grid of 3 HD portrait screens show a giant animated map of Tennessee that show its transformation from Native American land to settler land over a century of treaties.

Sam Watkins Battle Interactive

A portrait interactive where you can watch Private Sam Watkins recall the Civil War in Tennessee while you explore his various battles and artifacts from the same.