San Felipe de Austin historic museum

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I was lead designer on the San Felipe museum project. My responsibilities included designing the UI and the interactive layout of all the touch screen experiences in the museum while working with the programming team to build, iterate and test these AVs using Unity and HTML.

The museum, which opened in April 2017, tells the story of the historic town of San Felipe through five interactive touch screen experiences:

Printing Press:

San Felipe de Austin-33.jpg

A scrolling interactive screen showing historic articles from San Felipe’s oldest newspapers where you can explore individual articles and curated content.

Interactive Trunk:

San Felipe de Austin-30.jpg

An interactive map experience housed inside an actual recovered house from San Felipe. The map takes you through the journey of four notable San Felipe individuals including the founder of the town, Stephen Austin himself. You can trace their journeys from Europe and Polynesia all the way to San Felipe in the 1800s.

San Felipe Crossroads:

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A giant animated mural of the actual town of San Felipe hosted on a grid of 12 LED HD screens. The living mural has up to 30 live hotspots where people can access information about specific locations and people in the town. Along with designing the UI of the entire interactive, I also created a scale 3D Model of the entire town to be referenced by the mural artist.

Council Hall:


The Council Hall interactive is a 10 person table experience where guests can step into the shoes of the original historic San Felipe council and vote on important issues including war time decisions, political and domestic issues. The vote is preceded by an informational film that informs the guests of the situation and shadow effects and spatial sound provides the effect of the actual council members being among the guests.

Austin’s Desk:

San Felipe de Austin-16.jpg

A touchscreen table experience designed to look like the actual desk used by town founder Stephen F Austin. Guests can see several historical artifacts owned by Stephen Austin and manipulate them on the table to learn about the objects and explore more related content.

The entire project involved 8 months of work, constantly user testing and iterating the UI for all the interactives while working on achieving a uniform look and feel while making sure the AVs are in theme with the museum design and appearance.