2 week VR game jam


Our team of five had 2 weeks to create a VR experience for the Oculus Rift combined with PS Move motion controllers. We worked quickly to write down ideas for an underwater game leveraging the motion controllers as tentacles. The objective of the game was to save a ship from sinking by using floating starfish to block holes in the ship’s hull.


As lead artist on the project, I create all the 3D characters, models and animations for the game. I also took the lead on game design and creating any video content for our deliverables.


Near the halfway point, we realized that the mechanic of keeping the ship afloat using the starfish itself was not enough to sustain interest throughout the game. I offered two solutions:

One to provoke a greater sense of awareness by throwing in a booby trap in the form of a jellyfish which would shock you were you to accidentally catch it in your tentacles.

The other was a wild card where in a giant kraken would take control of the ship poking several holes in its sides forcing you to go into a frenzy, covering up as many holes as you can.